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About the project „European Funds for sustainable development in regions”

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EnglishFundusze Europejskie dla zrównoważonego rozwoju w regionach

The project „European Funds for sustainable development in regions” concerns participation of ecological non-governmental organisations (ENGOs) and citizens in the final stage of European funds programming for 2014-2020 on the regional level, i.e. in the Regional Operational Programmes (ROP) in 16 voivodeships. The main fields of the project are: enhancing the representation of ENGOs in ROP Monitoring Committees, analysing final versions of ROPs and other documents, developing recommendations for solutions that are environmentally and socially more sustainable, activating NGOs and citizens in the regions in the area of European funds, debates with regional governments on the proposed changes. Special emphasis will be placed on protection of environment and ecological education, transport, energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. The project’s objective is to better implement the principle of sustainable development in the 16 ROPs and to enhance the mechanisms of public participation in relations between NGOs and regional governments.

The project is financed by the EEA Funds within Citizens for Democracy Programme